Timex Bodylink System

 Timex BodyLink Ultimate Package - GPS Speed and Distance, Heart Rate and PC  Link (inc.Software)

 Timex BodyLink System, Heart Rate and Speed and Distance

 Timex BodyLink Speed and Distance System

T5941 Timex BodyLink Ultimate Package - the complete personal monitoring system. The ultimate BodyLink Package includes Performance Monitor Watch, GPS Unit, Heart Rate Monitor and USB Data Recorder - including the USB data recorder device with PC software for comprehensive data analysis and monitoring

T59551 Timex BodyLink System, Complete Heart Rate and GPS Speed and Distance Monitoring Package. 99% Accurate GPS Speed and Distance Monitoring combined with Digital Heart Rate.

T59561 Timex BodyLink GPS Speed and Distance System. 99%  Accurate Speed and Distance Monitoring using 24 Global Positioning  Satellites.